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My Story

I'm Kim Oakhill - Mumma, Celebrant, Meditation Teacher, Sound Healer and owner of The Breathing Space - Port Stephens. This is a space for you. A space to breathe, to relax, to heal, to grow, to find peace and to listen to the whispers of your soul.

The Breathing Space is my little sanctuary of love, light, peace and hope. It is my personal healing space and I love sharing it with others on their journey of self discovery, spiritual connection and calm from the chaos.

My purpose is to leave the world in a better place than when I entered it, and to ensure no one ever crosses my path without feeling happier than when they met me.


My Approach

I believe that we all live, act and behave according to our beliefs and experiences.

If you were bitten by a dog as a child, you may find that you are worried about all dogs for the rest of your life. 

My approach to healing and counselling is to help heal the wound of a traumatic event, to be able to breathe and pause the fight or flight response to react in the most conscious and considered way. (If it's a scary dog, then running may be the right thing to do... but the dog is friendly, how wonderful to be able to enjoy the good, loving vibes without fear). 

When we own our breath, we remain calm and can make conscious and considered choices rather than an emotional, triggered response.

I love working with my clients to share spiritual guidance and teachings, as well as non-evasive techniques like sound healing where the vibrations do the work - shifting stagnant energy and supporting healing.

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