We offer a variety of sessions to promote total wellbeing of your mind, body and soul.


1 on 1 Sound Healing

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and not quite yourself? 


Music and healing once went hand in hand. The Chinese character for medicine includes the character for music. In ancient Greece, music was used to ease stress, promote sleep, and soothe pain. Native Americans and Africans used singing and chanting as part of their healing rituals.

In Western medicine, the connection was gradually broken when the art of medicine gave way to the science of medicine.

Sound healing sessions aim to restore inner peace by releasing emotions with sound vibrations, and dissolving energetic blocks that no longer serve your physical body and your soul.


These sessions incorporate a number of beautiful, ancient healing tools and practices including tibetan and crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, gong, medicine drum, percussion, chimes and voice.


Each session will end with a grounding and cleansing to support your journey following our time together.


Duration: 60 mins

Investment: $85

Group Guided Meditation and Sound Healing

A combination of guided meditation and sound healing to calm the mind and create an inner sanctuary of peace.

Created for those with busy minds, navigating stressful times or just looking for some quality self care time, these sessions have been designed to support you in taking time out to relax and rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Each session is different, featuring journalling, oracle card guidance, visualisations, breathing techniques, mindfulness, guided meditation and sound healing.

Investment: $25 per person

Held: Most Sundays from 4-5pm


Holistic Counselling

(Coming Soon)

Holistic counselling is a form of counselling where we focus entirety on you as an individual. Holistic counselling considers you as a whole person – your mind, your body and your spirit, and how each of these elements connect and relate. 

An example I love to use to make sense of this concept is this… think about a time when you’re feeling really stressed. Your body may be physically aching -–perhaps some tension in your neck and shoulders. Your mind may be racing at a hundred miles an hour with different scenarios, to do lists, catastrophies/worst case scenarios and busy-ness.


You may feel breathless, as the mental stress causes you to take shallow breaths. Your spirit feels down, tired or cranky. 

Holistic counselling can support you in working through the issue causing the stress, which will in turn, help your mind, body and spirit all at once.


Holistic counselling also considers your life in entirety including your relationships, your life skills, relaxation and mindfulness, supporting your complete wellbeing in all aspects of your life. 

It’s about focussing on the whole person rather than just addressing the symptoms you might be experiencing.

The ultimate aim being to motivate and support you in living the very best, happiest and peaceful life that you can!

Coming Soon!