Original magnetic monkey – AGE 3+ ONLY


These magnetic…or “magical” monkeys as we like to call them are loved by young and old around the globe.


Who knows exactly why but these little monkeys bring so much happiness wherever they go. Some end up on people’s fridges while others travel around the world posing for photos in exotic locations. The most important fact about these monkeys is not so much about where they end up; but where they are from because these little monkeys create jobs for marginalised women in Cambodia and it means that they are able to get flexible employment from home. Now that is something very very special.


Some people ask us what to do with their magnetic monkeys. Here are some suggestions from happy customers:


  • Hang them from your bag as a cute accessory.
  • Give them as a gift to someone heading out on a big trip and ask them to send you photos of the monkey on different adventures.
  • Feel like a bottle of wine isn’t enough as a gift….hang a monkey around the bottle! hang in your car.
  • Know someone who needs to keep their hands busy? The magnetic hands are great to play with and can be used discreetly under a desk during class or a meeting.
  • Attach them in a row and hang as a mobile in a room as a decoration.
  • Next time you give someone a bouquet of flowers have a monkey holding on to them.


There are many many other suggestions but hopefully, this is enough to inspire you to get a few.


All our original monkeys are handmade, so there are variations to sizes and facial expressions which makes them all unique and gives them their own personality:


– vegan friendly – 100% acrylic yarn and acrylic stuffing – magnetic hands – safety eyes – average 25cms long from top of hands to bottom of feet – average 8cms long from top of head to bottom of torso

Happily Made Magical Magnetic Monkey