Sound Bowl Workshop - Sunday, 12 December from 2-4pm.

This workshop has been lovingly created by Kim to share her love and passion of crystal singing bowls and ancient sound healing practices.


Sound Bowls are a form of musical medicine. Their sounds produce an easy and pleasurable way to obtain a powerful and deep state of relaxation. By using frequencies and sound waves, the singing bowls, together with conscious  intention for healing and wellness, can allow the  mind and body direct access to its own formidable healing energies.


Without interference from stressful, negative and worrisome thoughts you can begin to develop  healthier neural pathways in the brain.


These potent information highways start to activate a new story in your mind and body. The fresh brain patterns start to reverse the effects of the old unhealthy story you’ve become accustomed to. With your updated neural pathways, your inner world can now start to affect your outer circumstances. These healthier pathways begin to have more influence over your mind and body and a clearer conversation of happiness,  health and abundance is possible. Your new story has the chance to finally be heard and the life you want to live can be yours!


The workshop will include:


- Theory of the ancient practice of sound healing and meditation.

- Clearing your bowls.

- Chakra wisdom and cleansing of all 7 chakras with the support of the bowls.

- A sound healing bath with bowls and other healing tools.

On the day, you have the option of buying a bowl to take home with you at a greatly discounted rate of $200 (for a bowl of your choice) to support you in continuing your practice at home.


Refund Policy - there are no refunds given, however you may on sell your ticket to a friend if unable to join.

Sound Bowl Workshop